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Do you have Termites in or around your home?

Let Down to Earth Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control help protect your home from a Termite (white ant) invasion and put your mind at ease.


Did you know that Termites cause more damage in Australia than any natural or accidental causes?


To best protect your home we recommend regular Termite inspections before any damage can be done. Ideally it is recommended that all Australian homes have 12 monthly Termite inspections to adequetly protect your home from Termite invasion. We will send out our highly trained professional to inspect your home using a Thermal imaging camera, which allows him to detect any termite activity within your home.


Installation of a Termite control method around your home is a valuable investment for your peace of mind.


We offer several different Termite control methods. Our pest control technican will be able to advise you of the most suitable method of protection for your home.


For extra assurance your home is well protected from Termites there is the choice of either a chemical barrier, which is installed in the soil around your home through reticulation piping that is trenched into the soil around the perimeter of the home. The chemical we predominantly use for our chemical barriers is Termidor. Termidor is our preferred choice as it works fast to spread through the termite colony and effectively wiping them out.


Another effective Termite control method is the Termite Baiting system. Over the last decade termite monitoring and baiting systems have increased in popularity. A new termite monitoring and baiting system Xterm has been released by Sumitomo Chemical Australia. Xterm has a higher active ingredient than other baits on the market, and is therefore tastier to the termites causing them to actively feed on the baits, having a massive impact on the termite colonies to the point where they succumb to the baites in a relatively short period of time – around 4 to 6 weeks. The Xterm Defence against termites system includes both above ground and in ground stations, with dedicated baits. This makes them non-messy and easy to install and service. Xterm can be purchased as a full system or components can be purchased separately. The way in which termite baits work is that the worker termites ingest the baits and carry them back to the nest, exposing and infecting the entire Termite colony.


So it is a worthwhile investment to make to have one of these forms of termite control installed at your place to protect it from the costly damage that Termites can create.




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Thermal imagers (sometimes referred to as infrared cameras, thermal cameras, or infrared imagers) capture images of infrared energy or temperature. Using patent-pending IR-Fusion technology, Fluke thermal imagers combine the power of infrared images with visible light images on the same display.
We always use the very latest in thermal imaging technology to find the nasties in your home.

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