Let me start this article on Termites firstly by giving you a little bit of information about them.  There are several different termite species residing in different parts of Australia.  In Queensland the main type of termites are Microcerotermes Serratus and the Schedorhinotermes Intermedius which occur from Southern Queensland to New South Wales.  They nest mainly in tree stumps and dead trees or timber burried in the ground under properties.  On average one in three homes will be affected by termites and termite damage, and this is not covered by insurance.  They can leave you with a very nasty expense to clean up and re-build the parts of your property that were damaged.  If you find any termite damage in or around your property, it is a good idea not to disturb it and call a professional to asses the damage and discuss the best course of action.  Regular pest inspections are crucial in preventing termite infestations in all types of buildings.  Down to Earth Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control are your Pest Control Specialist and will be only to happy to assist you with the best course of treatment if you find any termites at your place.  We specialise in termite barriers and baiting systems, or if you would just like a termite inspection for peace of mind.  We carry out our inspecitons using a Termite Thermal Imaging camera to determine whether or not you have any termite activity within your home.  You can count on Down to Earth Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control for all your Domestic Pest Control Services and Commercial Pest Control Services.  Give us a call today.
If your looking for "Service with a Smile"look no further.  Down to Earth Carpet cleaning and Pest Control offers friendly customer service at all times and guarantees efficient and high quality workmanship at reasonable prices.  An owner/operated company with over 20 years experience and training in the industry, Down to Earth Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control is able to provide the correct treatment of an extensive range of common and uncommon problems and share advice and knowledge to provide the best service possible for our customers.  Give us a call and let us help you with your pest control today.  We can help exterminate a large range of pests, whether it be cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants, bed bugs, fleas, moths, rats, mice and the list goes on.  Our pest control specialist can visit your place to give you the best advice on control for any unwanted nasties.  We provide a 12 month warranty on cockroaches, spiders silverfish and 10 months on ants.  With our Internal Pest Control and External Pest Control service done together, we offer a free roof dusting.  We also specialise in termite control, through the use of Termite Thermal Imaging, providing baiting and barrier systems to effectively rid termites from your home.  Give us a call today for any Domestic Pest Control Services that you require at your place.


Do you need help eradicating these nasty pests around your home?
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With the cooler weather fast approaching you may end up with these little creatures making there house within your home. With the warmth in your ceiling, perhaps nesting in your insulation and living in your wall cavities, it is a good idea to start some preventative measures now.

There are a few different pest control measures that can be undertaken in order to trap or poision rodents. First and most popular management of rodents is bait stations and baits. These come in the form of small boxes where bait blocks can be placed inside and positioned around the home in places that are out of the way to humans and pets, such as behind the fridge/freezer, in the ceiling cavity, behind the T.V. or cupboards. These baits are for use in Internal Pest Control. For External Pest Control of rodents, lockable bait boxes are available. Another control method is the glue board trap, which the rodent gets stuck to and then can be disposed of.